PV prices remain stable, thin film PV products are in short supply
According to the latest report from PvXchange GmbH in Germany, in February and March 2014, European PV prices have remained stable. In addition, the market still has demand for cheap PV modules, but the supply is insufficient.
PvXchange analyst Martin Schachinger said that the price of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules in Southeast Asia has stopped growing, but the lack of low-cost components has hindered the development of the market. All in all, the price is still too high and the market is tight.
¡°European PV prices can only fall below 50 cents if they use components that are suspected of being unmarked or have low-quality products,¡± Schachinger noted.
¡°However, goods with low-guaranteed or low-quality products cannot be a good choice, at least for medium and large-scale solar projects. Because in most cases investors and banks will not participate, price sensitivity for medium and large solar projects. The words are still significant."
PvXchange also found that the market demand for thin film photovoltaics continues to grow. However, due to the discontinuation of amorphous silicon production in the market in the past few years, it is currently in short supply.
The company pointed out that First Solar of the United States has withdrawn from the European market. Given the low output power and higher price than other premium options, Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide (CIGS) PV modules are very competitive in both the roof and utility sectors.
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